Electrical Service Questions


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When is it time to hire an electrician?
If you find yourself resetting your circuit breakers or changing fuses constantly, it’s time to call an electrician. Does turning your air conditioner on cause all the lights in the room to dim? Are your lights flickering? Does your electricity have a burning smell? It’s time to call an electrician. If you’ve got several electrical appliances or devices plugged into one outlet, an outlet with multiple plug strips or a plug that needs an adapter or extension cords, it’s time to call an electrician!
How much of my electrical work can I do on my own?
What grade outlets does my home need?
Why does my breaker feel hot?
Why is my panel humming?
Why are my fluorescent lights flickering and turning off and on?
Will a re-wiring of my home or business cause damage?
If I need a rewire done in my home or business, do I have to vacate the premises?